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QM Nexus, LLC

Quality Management Software

QM Nexus is the preferred quality management software in the part manufacturing industry.  Saving time and money with real time organized data is what QM Nexus can do for you.  Imagine being able to check all MPs at once with the push of a button.

One Touch Quality Management 

By pushing just one button QM Nexus allows you to:

  • Populate real time data for operators.

  • Reduce operator error during data collection.

  • Set control tolerances that you can password protect.
  • Collect data for Gage R, Gage R & R, and CPK Studies.
  • Output data to your network.

  • Generate authentic CMM files required by OEM Manufacturers. 

  • Create a master record for all measurements. 

  • Verify master parts.

  • Pre-sort measured data into pass/fail folders.

  • Store inspection records by time/date or serial number.

QM Nexus works in conjunction with a calibrated/dimensionally accurate checking fixture.  The fixture can be equipped with tech such as, but not limited to; lasers, probes, camera vision systems or digital indicators.  The software provides the user the ability to enter tolerance controls before collecting data.

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About Us

After starting out as Quality Managers in CMM Labs, brothers Phil and Kyle Sidor lead a team to create QM Nexus Software.  By listening to the needs of quality departments in Tier One Automotive Suppliers as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers, the QM Nexus team was able to build a Quality Management Software system that easily forms a bridge for data collection and sharing requirements between the companies individual systems.   Quality Management is life at QM Nexus, we are passionate about our product and are driven by all the positive feedback from our customers.      

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Purchasing Guide

Below is pricing for current QM Nexus Software packages, remember we make the configuration files to your needs, if you don't see what you are looking for please reach out and ask if it is possible to add on.  Additional fees may apply.

After you make your selection, email the help desk and an associate will follow up with you to get your project started.  Typical turn around for the link to QM Nexus as well as the Configuration Files to be sent to you is 10 business days.


Standard QM Nexus

​The original QM Nexus software package, pairs great with probes or lasers.  

  • Takes readings from chosen tech device and creates a .csv file you can save to your network.

  • Gage R,  Gage R & R, and CPK Study Capability.

  •   Operator rotation and data collection for you to import into your own program.  For example the popular Mini Tab.

  • Pre-sorts measured parts in to pass/fail folders

  • Collects a master record for all measurements.

  • .dmo output capability.

  • Inspection records stored by serial number.


QM Nexus Plus DMO Output

This selection comes with everything the Standard QM Nexus does but we also configure it to populate cartesian coordinates for you.


Manual QM Nexus

Not ready for lasers and probes just yet?  This option allows you to collect data manually.​

  • Gage R,  Gage R & R, and CPK Study Capability. 

  • Operator rotation and data collection for you to import into your own program, for example Minitab. 

  • Pre-sorts measured parts into pass/fail folders.

  • Collects a master record for all measurements.

  • Saves output files to chosen network drive.

  • .dmo output capability.

  • Inspection records stored by serial number. 

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Custom Kits

Putting lasers, probes and cameras on a gage is awesome, we've gotten nothing but positive feedback from Quality Management teams.  It saves so much time in the CMM Lab, sorting, doing Gage R, Gage R& R's and more.  However, we do realize this is a new idea so we came up with the below kits to make it easy for anyone to make their fixture a smart fixture.  All kits are customizable to your needs please Email to set up a quote.  

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Electrical and Pneumatic Kit


Touch Screen Computer, we would install your QM Nexus and Configuration Files for you.

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QM  Kit
Everything you need to make a fixture smart.  The kit includes; Pneumatics Kit, Electrical Kit, QM Nexus Software, Configuration Files, Touch Screen Computer, and Keyence brand technology. 

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